Anonymous: So I'm that anon who asked earlier why it is you say you can't fall in love. And I was just curious because, well, I feel the same way. Like, do you just feel things subtly, or not at all?

I basically only feel things for dogs, food and nature.

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Anonymous: Swag the fuck on.


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Anonymous: You have THE most adorable smile holy shit.

I really don’t see it, even when people say this in real life, I’m like………

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Anonymous: Do you think that maybe one day you might fall in love with someone ?

I mean, it could happen even though I just can’t see it happening.

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Anonymous: In regards to not being able to fall in love, bad girls aren't good for you, good girls are boring- What if you found a good girl, who had a bad side...? You picking up what I'm putting down? You'd get both. Do you think you could fall in love then??

Oh I know what you putting down, it’s just finding a girl like that is quite hard.

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Anonymous: So um, why is it that you say you can't fall in love?

I really don’t know. I’m fucked up. I love the bad bitches but they no good for me and I get so bored of the good girls which I should be with.

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People who crave/need/want a significant other all the time, even if they settle and it’s a top priority for them, just piss me off. I don’t see why its such a huge priority for people.

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Anonymous: How do you like girls to shave?

With a lawn mower.

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Heavily tattooed babes are such a damn weakness of mine.

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Anonymous: You should make an audio post, or even better, a video of you reading a selection from Fifty Shades of Grey.

Haha, this would be funny.

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Anonymous: Do you like to eat Mexican food?

Like in an understatement. 

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